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TiaCorine has had a good year (or is it the other way around?). I Can’t-Wait, a solid sophomore album with a jarring hit ratio and immutable anthems like “Chaka Khan” and “Freaky T,” was released in 2022. The North Carolina rapper who is obsessed with anime had a breakthrough year thanks to the momentum from a still-resonant Soundcloud smash.

Where is Tiacorine from?

The city of Winston-Salem serves as the county seat of Forsyth County in North Carolina, USA.

What genre is Tiacorine?


Name Tiacorine
Net Worth 2023 $9,000
Career Singing
Country USA


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Tiacorine Songs

I Can’t Wait · 2022
Freaky T
The Saga of 34Corine · 2021
34Corine · 2020
The Saga of 34Corine · 2021
Chaka Khan
I Can’t Wait · 2022
Get The Strap
Get The Strap · 2020
I Can’t Wait · 2022

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