Republicans who taunted Biden during his State of the Union address are called out.

Republican lawmakers who taunted when President Joe Biden accused them of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare during his State of the Union address were called out on Wednesday. He noted that several of them had previously voiced support for those cuts.

In comments on the economy at an event in DeForest, Wisconsin, Biden said, “My Republican friends, they seemed shocked when I raised the plans of some of their members, Marjorie Taylor and others stood up and yelled, “Liar, liar,” when they heard their caucus’ plan to cut Social Security.

Then, when Sen. Rick Scott, R-Florida, served as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee last year, Biden mentioned a proposal that Scott had put forth. Biden held up his brochure and read it, saying, “I got his brochure right here.”

Since you all began working, you have all contributed to the system with each and every paycheck, the president said. These advantages are yours as an American worker. You earned them, and I won’t let anyone take them away from you — not today, not tomorrow, and never.

In a statement in response to Biden’s State of the Union address on Wednesday, Scott claimed that Biden had misunderstood his suggestion to have all federal laws expire after five years. This idea is unmistakably intended to address ALL of the absurd new laws that our Congress has recently passed. Joe Biden is perplexed. It would be false and dishonest to imply that I want to cut Social Security or Medicare.

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