Rebeca Barreto, Wiki, Birthday, Career, Family, Relationship, Net Worth 2023

TikToker and social media personality Rebeca Barreto is Brazilian. Rebeca Barreto has $1.03 million in 2023. Dance-related posts made her famous. Becaa silva uploaded it. Additionally, her social media account has many popular videos.

Duets are also available. Rebeca Barreto often appears in videos with other social media stars. Rebeca Barreto has over 450,000 social media followers. Rebeca Barreto is one of the most inspiring TikTok girls.


Rebeca Barreto Wiki

Rebeca Barreto turned 21 in 2023. Her birthdate is unknown. Brazil raised Rebeca Barreto. Aquarian Rebeca Barreto. Brazilian Rebeca Barreto. Her religion is unknown.

Rebeca Barreto’s education is unknown. She hasn’t revealed her educational background or school.

Rebeca Barreto Net Worth 2023

Rebeca Barreto is worth $1.03 million in 2023

Rebeca Barreto’s Family, Boyfriend, and Relationship

Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Barreto. Her parents’ careers are unknown. Rebeca Barreto has also not discussed her siblings. Her relatives are also unknown.

Thus, she is likely private and prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate. We must wait until Rebeca Barreto reveals her personal life.

Rebeca Barreto is engaged in 2022. Rebeca Barreto is engaged to longtime boyfriend Nilson Neto.

Her relationships are unknown.

Rebeca Barreto is a beautiful, charming young woman. Her beauty and charming smile distinguish Rebeca Barreto. Slim Rebeca Barreto. Some say Rebeca Barreto resembles a doll. Rebeca Barreto is 56 kg and 5′ 3′′ tall.

Rebeca Barreto has earthy hair and eyes. Rebeca Barreto’s big eyes are captivating. Rebeca Barreto has long satiny hair. Rebeca Barreto is charming.

Her TiktOk Career

TikTok introduced Rebeca Barreto in November 2020. Her first viral video showed Rebeca Barreto walking slowly in an unnamed place.

Rebeca Barreto became popular with a Beth McCarthy-featured music video. In December 2008, Rebeca Barreto posted on TikTok.

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