Paul Rouleau Net Worth 2023,Career, Family, Children, Writings & Education

Paul Rouleau net worth is $ 3 million .he is a judge on Canada’s Ontario Court of Appeal. He was the commissioner of the Public Order Emergency Commission, which was given legal authority to investigate and produce a report on the events that led to the Justin Trudeau administration’s use of the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022, during the Canada convoy protests.ALSO READAnna Paul Net Worth 2023, Background, Early Life, Career, Siblings & Personal Life

paul rouleau’s Career

From the time he was called to the bar from 1979 until 1987, Genest Murray, DesBrisay, Lamek from 1987 until 2000, and Heenan Blaikie from 2000 until 2002, Rouleau was a partner with each of these law firms.

After Pierre Trudeau announced his retirement in 1983, Rouleau took part in John Turner’s campaign for the Liberal Party of Canada’s leadership. After Turner won the leadership of the Canadian Liberal Party, he then assisted in selecting his cabinet. He was referred to in recent media accounts as Turner’s executive assistant or appointments secretary.

In 2005, Rouleau was appointed to the Court of Appeal for Ontario as well as the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. In 2014, he was appointed as a Deputy Judge of the Yukon Supreme Court. SUGGESTED Jim Jefferies Net Worth 2023, Early Life, Relationship, Children, Career, Age & Real Estate

paul rouleau’s Education

At the University of Ottawa, Rouleau earned both his LL.B. in 1977 and his Bachelor of Administration in 1974. In 1984, he graduated with a master’s in law from York University. MUST READ Pythagoras Net Worth 2023, Early Life, occupation, Family & School

Who Is the Wife of Paul Rouleau?

Although Paul Rouleau and his wife Julie are happily wed, there are rumors that he is actually wed to Suzette Trudeau. The internet is responsible for one of the most pervasive myths: Rouleau and Suzette were wed. Suzette Trudeau wed Pierre Rouleau, a dentist in Montreal. In in1918 marked Suzette’s birth, and she passed away in 2008. Online rumors claim that two brothers named Paul and Pierre Rouleau are the biological children of Paul C. Rouleau, a Canadian judge.READ Shane Warne Net Worth 2023, Biography, Age, Birth, Career, Birth Place

paul rouleau’s wife and children

Suzette Trudeau and Paul Rouleau have been linked by rumors, which has given him a lot of media attention. Justice Julie is Paul’s wife, and they are married. It was surprising to discover that Paul was married given how many people had the same name. We don’t know a lot about Paul’s wife and children because he isn’t very media savvy.

The public is also not allowed to enquire into Paul’s personal life, so we are unable to determine whether the couple is blessed with children. To briefly summarise Paul’s early life, he graduated from law school and worked for Liberal Prime Minister John.

1924–2013: Paul Rouleau

Paul Rouleau was born to Narcisse and Ernestine Rouleau on the month day of 1924 in their birthplace (born Tremblay).
Around 1880 saw the birth of Narcisse.

Around 1880, Ernestine was born.
François Rouleau was the only sibling Paul had.
At the age of 25, Paul wed Noella Rouleau (born Belzile) in a civil ceremony in 1950.
Noella was born in Trois Pistoles, Rivière du Loup, Quebec, around 1925.
Paul died in a death place on the first day of the month of 2013 at the age of 88.

Papers by Paul Rouleau

Rouleau, Paul
Canadian Obituaries, 1997–2017: Paul Rouleau
Paul Rouleau died on the first day of 2013.

1930–1997: Paul L. Rouleau

On the first day of the month of 1930, Massachusetts was the birthplace of Paul L. Rouleau.
In the state of Massachusetts, Paul wed Rouleau (born Coffin), first name only.
They had five kids.
Paul hailed from Florida, address.
On the month day of 1992, he resided at the address.
He also had two other homes.
He worked as an occupation.
At the age of 66, Paul died of natural causes on a corresponding day in 1997.
He was laid to rest in New Hampshire.

the writings of Paul L. Rouleau

U.S. Social Security Death Index: Paul L. Rouleau (SSDI)
30th October saw the birth of Paul L. Rouleau.
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543 was the home of Paul.
At the age of 66, Paul passed away on June 25th, 1997.
Index to U.S. Public Records: Paul L. Rouleau
The month of 1930 saw the birth of Paul L. Rouleau.
Paul resided at the address on the month day in 1992.
He resided at the address on the month day of 1994.
He resided at the address on the month day in 1997.

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