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Michael Cimino Net Worth 2023 is 4 Million – Michael Cimino is a well-known actor hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, and he has a net worth of $4 Million. The role of Victor Salazar in the Hulu series titled Love, Victor brought him the most recognition and success as an actor. The critically acclaimed television show “Love, Victor” on Hulu has come to an end after airing for a total of three seasons over the course of two years.

In that short amount of time, Michael Cimino was able to capture the attention of millions of fans who have completely developed a crush on the series’ leading man. Michael played the main hit role of Victor Salazar, a young man who was attempting to navigate his own sexual identity while also carving out a life for himself in a new city. The role of Victor Salazar was one of the most successful roles Michael ever played. It’s a tale that, in many respects, mirrors Michael’s own life experiences and events.

Who is Michael Cimino?

After completing his education in architecture and the dramatic arts, Michael Cimino went on to film commercials and documentaries while also writing scripts. It was not until actor, producer, and director Clint Eastwood gave him the opportunity to direct the thriller that he finally realised his dream of becoming a director. However, “The Deer Hunter,” which he directed in 1978 and which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, was his most notable achievement.


Aside from all of that, he became well-known for the roles he played in a variety of other successful productions, such as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home and Brlayden in Walk the Prank, amongst a great many other roles.

Early Life

Michael Cimino was born on November 10th, 1999 in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, to parents Philip Cimino, who is of Italian and German ancestry, and Maria Cimino, who is of Puerto Rican descent. His father is of Italian and German ancestry, and his mother is of Puerto Rican descent. Michael’s childhood was peppered with a few instances of encounters with racists.

He claimed that, particularly when he was in elementary school, all of the children in the school used to say things like, “Oh, he eats bugs because he’s brown,” and that they also used to throw him on the floor and kick him. Cimino also says that he is kind of glad that he faced all of that adversity at a young age because it provided him with the tool to understand these problems and compassion at an early age.

Michael began his professional acting career when he was just 12 years old, after having gained very valuable life experience at a very young age. That is when he was found out by a manager in the industry while he was eating at a Subway restaurant, of all places. This man became so impressed with Michael’s acting abilities that he enrolled him in some acting classes and signed him up for some more.


Because Michael was still too young at the time, his mother assisted him in relocating between Las Vegas and Los Angeles whenever he had an audition in either of those cities. In the beginning, he did that for a number of years and was booked for a number of gigs such as a GEICO commercial; however, he did not receive any recognition for his work.

Michael would start taking his interest in music more seriously when he was 13, and as a result, his priorities started to change. In order to complete his schooling in a shorter amount of time, he decided to switch to taking his classes online when he was in the eighth grade. After another three years, Michael earned his high school diploma and then started working full-time alongside his father in the electrical trade. Concurrently, he continued to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor on the side.

Aside from that, he worked a variety of odd jobs, one of which was operating the mechanical bull at a restaurant called Saddle Ranch Chop House, where he worked nights. He was only employed there for a short period of time before the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to him in the film industry in the United States.


Before Michael’s big break in 2019, he had appeared in a few minor projects, such as CBS’s short-lived series titled “Training Day,” which aired in 2017. Prior to his big break in 2019, Michael had appeared in a few minor projects. In the 2019 supernatural horror film, Annabelle Comes Home, Cimino finally gets the leading role he’s been waiting for, playing Bob Palmeri. Michael had a fantastic opportunity to make a name for himself in the Hollywood community with the release of the seventh film in the immensely successful and long-running Conjuring film series.


Soon after the debut of that film, he was offered the part of the main protagonist, Victor Salazar, in the teen comedy television series Love, Victor. This was the role that would prove to be his breakthrough. Love, Victor is a TV show that premiered on Hulu in June 2020. It was inspired by the film Love Simon, which was released in 2018 and made enough money at the box office to convince executives at television networks that TV series could be just as lucrative. Love, Victor takes place in the same universe as the original film.

The first season of this drama series was released on a streaming platform and quickly became a huge hit, becoming the most-watched drama of all time on that platform. In that successful television series, he starred alongside a large cast of other actors, including Ana Ortiz, Rachel Hilson, Mason Gooding, George Sear, and Anthony Turpel, amongst others.

Michael’s family members advised him against accepting the role when it was first presented to him out of concern that Cimino would be typecast as a gay actor if he did so. The role was eventually accepted by Michael. Thankfully, he made the decision to disregard that recommendation; instead, he sat down with his cousin, who helped him give his performance the essential authenticity by talking about his own experiences as a gay man and how they related to being a gay man.

But Michael by himself was achieving greater levels of success than he ever had before the world came to a stop and brought an end to everything. Almost immediately after Michael had completed the first season of Love, Victor, the pandemic broke out around the world. The pilot episode of the series had such strong ratings that the network quickly decided to order a second season.

In the meantime, he worked on a variety of other projects; however, he decided to concentrate on activism by founding We Movement, an organization that aims to promote inclusiveness and community while addressing systemic injustices.

Aside from all of that, Michael also pursued a career in music by releasing several tracks. One of these tracks, “Everything I Own,” was included on the soundtrack for the film Annabelle Comes Home, along with other tracks such as “Love Addict.” Talia Jackson made an appearance in the music video for the song, which was released in June of 2021 and was named after the song.

Michael will now turn his attention to brand-new acting projects. He was most recently seen playing the role of Lance in the Netflix comedy film Senior Year. Despite the fact that season three of the hit series Love, Victor is the show’s final season, the show was a huge success. In the forthcoming Disney series titled Hamster & Gretel, it is rumored that he will provide the voice for the lead character, Kevin Grant-Gomez.

Michael Cimino Net Worth 2023

It is anticipated that Michael Cimino will have a net worth of approximately $4 Million by the year 2023. He is considered to be a rising star in the entertainment industry in the United States. Michael first gained widespread recognition after being cast in the ensemble of the teen drama Love, Victor, in which he made appearances from the years 2020 to 2023 across all three seasons of the show’s run.

Acting salaries, such as those he receives for appearing in movies and television shows, are his primary source of financial support. Because of his appearance in “Love, Victor,” Cimino has amassed a significant amount of wealth.

Where is Michael Cimino now?

At the age of 77, Cimino passed away on July 2, 2016, in the comfort of his own home in Beverly Hills, California. There has been no announcement made to the public regarding the cause of death.

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