Kristina Karamo Net Worth 2023, Career, Age, Family, Instagram, Political Career

Kristina Karamo Net Worth 2023 is $1.5 millionKristina Karamo is a United States educator, political figure, and social activist who serves on the 14th District Republican Executive Committee of Michigan.

She has been running for Michigan Secretary of State since March 2021, and she hopes that only the competent candidate wins the election through legal votes, rather than by manipulating them.

She recently made headlines after she denied her ex-allegations husband on social media and in a court filing in 2021 that she threatened to kill herself and her two daughters if he filed for divorce. Her exact birth date is unknown, but she was born in Oak Park, Michigan, USA. MUST READ Jon Rahm Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Instagram, Birth, Age, Career, Nationality, Fact

Full Name Kristina Karamo
Net Worth 2023 $1.5 million
Date Of Birth Not Known
Place Of Birth Oak Park, Michigan
Age( As Of 2022) Not Known
Hometown Oak Park, Michigan
Profession Educator, Social Activist
Religion Christianity

Kristina Karamo’s Family

Adom Karamo, Karamo’s ex-husband, and she are divorced. Two daughters were born to her. She allegedly threatened to kill herself and her two daughters when he requested a divorce in 2021, according to her ex-claims husband’s made on social media and in a court document. She refuted the accusations, though. In their custody arrangement for their children, the ex-couple has made all the necessary provisions. SUGGESTED Brooks Koepka Net Worth 2023, Family, Foundation, Charity Height, Weight, Wife

Kristina Karamo’s Political Career

Karamo is presently a precinct delegate, a member of the Michigan GOP State Committee, and a board member of the Detroit affiliate of Stanton International. She has been outspoken about the American Constitution, the right to vote, and her commitment to Christianity.

For more than two years, from June 2018 to March 2021, she was the Christian Apologetics Content Creator. She spent more than 8 years teaching at Wayne County Community College District.

She is the head of a research team made up of former Secretaries of State Personnel that look into how government organizations get in the way of their ability to follow the law. READ Lex Luger Net Worth 2023, Place of Birth, Age, Biography, Career, Awards, Cup Won

Kristina Karamo Instagram

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