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ian thorpe – Ian Thorpe (born October 13, 1982 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) was the most successful swimmer in Australian history, winning five Olympic gold medals and 11 world championships between 1998 and 2004. READ Kamala Harris Net Worth 2023,Early life, Career, Family, Finances, Wealth & Vogue


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Ian James Thorpe was born on October 13, 1982, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He came from a family of athletes; His dad, Ken, being a promising cricketer at junior level and his mom, Margaret, an A-grade netball player. But for five-year-old Ian, it was when his sister Christina was advised to swim to strengthen a broken wrist. But he found out he was allergic to chlorine. He didn’t want to give up, so he learned to swim while keeping his head above water, and at the age of seven, he won his first race at a school carnival. His large size compensated for his lack of technique, and as an adult, he stood 6’5′′ tall, weighed 229 pounds, and wore size 17 feet. SUGGESTED Paul Rouleau Net Worth 2023,Career, Family, Children, Writings & Education

ian thorpe partner

Ryan Channing died in Bali in the year 2022 at the age of 32, and Ian spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the tragedy. TRENDING Anna Paul Net Worth 2023, Background, Early Life, Career, Siblings & Personal Life

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Ian Thorpe is a retired Australian swimmer with a $6 million net worth. Ian Thorpe, nicknamed “Thorpedo” and “Thorpey,” is well-known for overcoming a chlorine allergy to become a world-class swimmer. He won five Olympic gold medals, making him the most decorated Australian Olympian of all time for many years. Emma McKeon, a fellow swimmer, has since tied that record.

is ian thorpe gay

Swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed in an exclusive interview with Sir Michael Parkinson that he is gay after years of denial. The five-time Olympic gold medalist, Australia’s most successful Olympic athlete to date, has revealed.

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