Glorilla Net Worth, Age, Debut Album, Birth

Glorilla‘s year has undoubtedly contributed to Memphis’ rise to prominence among rap capitals. The 23-year-old followed up her explosive debut single, “F.N.F.,” with her debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great…, a solid and promising nine tracks of deceptive strength and stature. She is currently rapidly ascending to stratospheric stardom as she basks in the blast radius of a thunderous entry (and an essential Cardi B collaboration, for that matter).

Nickname Glorilla
Net Worth 2023 $1 million
Debut Album Most Likely Up Next
Age 23yrs

Are Cardi B and GloRilla related?

Glorilla discussed her friendship with Cardi in an interview with NME Radar in 2022, saying: “I ain’t got a lot of friends, and I’m just easy to deal with. My cousin Cardi is. Throughout the entire creative process, I was incredibly joyful and excited.


How much is GloRilla for a show?

Five concerts are scheduled for this year as part of GloRilla’s 2023 tour schedule. The following performance by GloRilla will take place on March 18, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. at South Padre Island, Texas’ well-liked Clayton’s Beach Bar, which is situated at 6900 Padre Boulevard. The price of a GloRilla ticket ranges from $51 to $137.

How did GloRilla get her name?

The rapper had her name chosen before choosing her well-known stage name. Prior to changing her mind, she was prepared to release music under the pseudonym Big Glo. Gloria’s cousin actually came up with the idea for her stage name, GloRilla.