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Bessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the first African-American female pilot and the first African-American to receive an international pilot’s license. Amelia Earhart, another female aviator, inspired her. She went to Langston University.

She is one of the well-known people who were born on January 26, 1892. She is a wealthy pilot who was born in Georgia. She is also on the list of the Most Popular Pilots.

Full Name Bessie Coleman
Net Worth $5 Million
Career Pilot
Date Of Birth/Birthday: January 26, 1892
Gender Female

Did Bessie Coleman have a child?

Bessie Coleman never had children. She spent the majority of her time flying and advocating for desegregation.


What is Bessie Coleman’s career?

Her only career option was stunt flying, also known as barnstorming. On Labor Day, September 3, 1922, Coleman staged the first public flight by an African American woman in America. She became a popular aerialist, despite refusing to perform in front of segregated audiences in the South.

Was Bessie Coleman ever married?

She married Claude Glenn, who was 14 years her senior, on January 30, 1917.

How did Bessie Coleman become a pilot?

She attended flight school in France, where it was not necessarily against the “rules” or convention to teach not only women but also people of color to fly.

She didn’t get her certificate without a fight. She was turned down by several schools, not just in the United States, who turned her down because of her gender but also because of her skin color.

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